Deposit methods

We offer the following deposit methods. You will not be charged any processing fees. The minimum amount equivalent to that which is displayed in GBP (£) is valid in the currencies you see available in the Banking & Balances section.

Please ensure that you use a payment method which belongs to you and is registered in your name. Adding a third party payment method can result in your account being frozen.

Payment Method Type Min. Deposit Processing Time
visa2maestronewmastercardlogo2020 Debit Card £5 Instant
applepay eWallet £5 Instant
paypal 1 eWallet £10 Instant
paysafecard 1
Pre-Paid Card £5 Instant
The Grid Cash £5 Instant with Grid

Since April 2020 (UK) and November 2021 (Ireland), all UK and Ireland customers can no longer gamble using Credit cards. For full details on the UK regulation please see this article, however if you are based in the Republic of Ireland, read this help page instead.