Grid Account - Terms and Conditions


These are the Terms that apply to You and Ladbrokes (Us, Our or We), Your use of Your Grid Account and are in addition to the full Grid Account terms and conditions which can be found at: If there is a difference between the full Grid Account terms and conditions and these Terms, these Terms will take priority.

The way You use Your Grid Account is changing as We are introducing new and exciting features. The most important of which is the ability for You to use the funds from Your account (Online Account) with Your Grid Account in-store over the counter (OTC), on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) and the self-service betting terminals (BetStations).

These changes are being rolled out as follows:

A.         from 31 October 2017 - FOBTs in all Our shops in the UK excluding Northern Ireland;

B.         22 November 2017 – OTC in Our shops in the UK and Ireland;

C.         14 December 2017 – BetStations in our shops in the UK and Ireland.

1.         Grid Accounts

1.1.      Grid Accounts are currently available in four formats:

(a)    a In – Shop Account which allows You to deposit funds to The Grid solely for use in Our shops;

(b)    a Multi-Channel Account which creates a ‘one stop shop’ single wallet combining Your Online Account funds together with the funds You stake OTC, on an FOBT or BetStation. It also allows You to deposit and withdraw funds and participate in The Grid loyalty scheme;

(c)    a Verified In-Shop Account where You have verified Your Loyalty Account

(d)    a Verified Multi-Channel Account where You have verified a Multi-Channel Account in accordance with clause 2

The Loyalty Account, Multi-Channel Account, Verified Loyalty Account and Verified Multi-Channel Account will together be referred to as a Grid Account.

1.2.       If Your Grid Account has already been verified in accordance with clause 2 below You will not have to go through the verification process again if You decide to upgrade to a Verified Multi-Channel Account.

Upgrading to Multi-Channel Accounts

1.3.     Prior to these Terms taking effect on the dates set out above You may have held an Online Account together with a Loyalty Account or Verified Loyalty Account.

1.4.      Subject to these Terms and the relevant roll-out date, in order to upgrade to a Multi-Channel Account or Verified Multi-Channel Account all You will have to do is speak to a member of Our staff.

Once You have a Multi-Channel Account or Verified Multi-Channel Account You will be able to use the funds from Your Online Account to form part of Your Grid Account balance for use on FOBTs or BetStations and to make bets OTC.

1.5.       If You are signing up to The Grid for the first time You will be asked which of the four types of Grid Account You wish to sign up for.

2.         Verification

2.1.     We must verify Your account. For security purposes, You may be requested to provide suitable proof of ID such as a driving licence.

2.2.     We reserve the right to verify that the personal details (including Your mobile number and/or email address) provided by You on Your Grid Account are correct and up to date (Verification Checks).

By opening a Grid Account or changing the type of Grid Account You have, You agree that We may perform Verification Checks.

This may involve a message being sent to each contact method provided by You including a verification link and code. You may complete the process by: (a) providing the verification code in the message(s) to a member of staff in Our shops; or (b) clicking the relevant link in the message(s).

2.3.     Where You provide incorrect details which result in messages being sent to and received by somebody other than You, We will not accept any responsibility or liability if these details are verified by somebody else.
2.4.     While We carry out Verification Checks We might have to put restrictions on Your Grid Account to prevent the placing of online bets, withdrawal of funds, and/or prevent (whether fully or partially) Your access to The Grid until Our Verification Checks have been completed or further action is taken.

3.         Responsible Gambling

3.1.      In the interests of responsible gambling, the amount of debit card funds deposited to Your Grid Account that can be transferred to an FOBT will have a daily limit. This daily limit can be seen in Your available balance.

3.2.      Any deposits from PayPal, or credit cards (together E-Wallets) to a Grid Account (or returns, winnings or other funds related to the use of E-Wallet funds) will not be available for use on any FOBT in any of Our shops and cannot be withdrawn OTC.

You can use these funds to place bets OTC in Our shops which will be reflected in Your Grid Account available balance in accordance with these Terms.

3.3.     To help You stay in control, playing whilst logged into The Grid means that You can monitor Your gameplay history. As part of Our commitment to responsible gambling, We may contact You using Your Grid Account contact details to provide information about Your gameplay history and general responsible gambling information.

Play History

3.4.      Use of an FOBT whilst logged in with a Grid Account will be recorded against Your Grid Account. This will allow You to review Your play history on the FOBT. Any FOBT play while not logged in with Your Grid Account will not be recorded on Your Grid Account.

3.5.       A summary of Your FOBT history may be accessed when logged in with Your Grid Account (a Statement).

The Statement will show winnings and losses as a combined net figure for the current 'logged in' FOBT session, and 'logged in' gameplay for the last 7 and 28 days respectively.

For example, if in a current logged in FOBT session You are in a net winning position of £10, this will be displayed as +£10.00.

Sometimes FOBT activity may only appear on Your Statement the following day.

3.6.   A Statement over a longer timeframe may be requested as set out in the 'Account Statement' section of the FOBT.

You must provide Your Grid Account details in order for Us to process this. Unless otherwise notified by Us, the Statement will include up to 12 weeks of history (up to the date of Your request) relating to FOBT play while logged in with Your Grid Account, showing weekly winnings and losses as a combined net figure.

Please allow up to 3 working days for delivery.

3.7.  Unless otherwise stated, and to uphold security, FOBT information requested in accordance with clause 3.10 will only be sent to verified contact details on Your Grid Account.

3.8.  You will also be able to access Your last 10 bets on a BetStation. In order to do so, please follow the instructions on the BetStation or speak to a member of Our staff.  

FOBT or BetStation Log In and Security

3.9.   It is completely up to You to ensure that Your Grid Account is safely logged out from a FOBT or BetStation and any funds are removed from it. If You leave Your Grid Account logged in on a FOBT or BetStation, We will not be liable for:

(a)        Your Grid Account being frozen due to incorrect security details submitted by another person when attempting a transfer to or from Your Grid Account;

(b)        any funds left on a it being seized or withdrawn by another person; and/or

(c)        any activity by other customer(s) being performed with, or recorded against, Your Grid Account.

3.10.   Your Grid Account Card and PIN and/or Online Account username and password (together the Access Information) must be kept secure at all times and must not be given to any other person.

3.11.   We advise that You should be careful when choosing Access Information that may be known to family members, particularly children or anyone under the age of 18. Any person, including anyone under 18, must not be permitted to use Your Grid Account and cannot accept any winnings on Your behalf.

3.12.   We will not be liable if You deliberately or accidentally disclose Your Access Information to another person. Further, if another person accesses Your Grid Account, then bets or wagers placed by another person, or any other Grid Account activity by another person, will be considered valid whether this was with or without Your permission.

You should contact Us immediately if You believe Your Grid Account has been compromised.


3.13.   If You enter into a self-exclusion scheme this will result in the immediate cancellation of Your Grid Account.

3.14.   If You are self-excluded You will not be eligible to open a Grid Account during a period of self-exclusion. Should You open a Grid account in breach of this clause 3.17, Your Grid Account will be cancelled and all points earned will be forfeited.

4.         Adding and Removing Credit from Your Grid Account

4.1.     Once You have logged into Your Grid Account via a FOBT or BetStation You will be able to transfer some, or all, of Your Grid Account balance onto that FOBT or BetStation.

Before the deposit is complete You will be asked for Your Grid Account PIN.

4.2.     Subject to the limitations set out at clause 4.4, You will be able to transfer funds from the FOBT or BetStation onto Your Grid Account by following the relevant instructions.

4.3.     You will be able to add funds to Your Grid Account with cash at a FOBT or BetStation, with cash OTC or if You have a Multi-Channel Account or Verified Multi-Channel Account, through Your Online Account payment method.

Restrictions on Adding and Removing Funds

4.4.      The following types of funds cannot be transferred from Your Grid Account to a FOBT (regardless of whether You hold a Verified Loyalty Account or Verified Multi-Channel Account):

(a)   any free bets;

(b)   funds that have been deposited from E-Wallets;

(c)   any winnings that have been added to Your Grid Account where the initial stake came from an E-Wallet; or

(d)   funds greater than £250 that have been added with a debit card.

Restriction Example

£1000 account balance made up of




£200 cash deposited OTC




£180 FOBT or BetStation winnings from cash loaded to it





£400 debit card funds added online or OTC




£20 free bet not yet placed




£200 E-Wallet deposit added online










5.         Deposits and Withdrawals

5.1.    We are required by our British Gambling Commission licence to inform customers about what happens to funds which we hold on account for You, and the extent to which funds are protected in the event of insolvency (please see

5.2.     We hold active customer balances in a trust account, which is separate from our corporate funds and means that steps have been taken to protect Your funds in such a way that they would not, in the event of insolvency, form part of our assets. This meets the British Gambling Commission’s requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the level: medium protection.

5.3.      Subject to regulatory and statutory Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines, and in the event of any deposits and withdrawals exceeding the agreed limits, We reserve the right without consideration to You or anybody else to:

(a)        refuse to allow the deposit or withdrawal of funds; and/or

(b)        make further Verification Checks (for example, based on Your information, Your Grid Account or validation of settled bets/game plays) before agreeing to process a withdrawal.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

5.4.    Any deposit limit that had previously applied to Your Online Account will now also apply to Your Multi-Channel Account or Verified Multi-Channel Account when used in Our shops.

Your deposit limits will be impacted when You: (a) deposit funds into Your Grid Account OTC; (b) place cash bets OTC in association with The Grid; (c) You put cash into the BetStation whilst logged into Your Grid Account; and/or (d) You move unchurned cash funds from a FOBT to Your Grid Account. For further information please speak to a member of Our staff.

5.5.      Unless You have been told otherwise by Us, Your withdrawal limit OTC will be automatically set at £1,000 per day.

There is currently no limit on withdrawals through Your Online Account.

5.6.      Any returns from bets associated with Your Grid Account obtained using a betting slip OTC will not count towards Your daily withdrawal limit.

5.7.    Where a betting slip is given OTC for payment from any associated bets and there are insufficient funds in Your Grid Account, only the amount outstanding will be paid to You.

5.8.    If any attempt is made to deposit funds from a FOBT or BetStation to a Grid Account in excess of a deposit limit (for example an attempt to deposit £20 when the deposit limit is £10) You will be able to print a withdrawal voucher for the excess amount (in this example £10).

You will then be able to exchange the withdrawal vouchers for cash OTC.

5.9.    We will take all reasonable measures to ensure Your deposit limit is observed. However, We will not be liable to You if You circumvent Our procedures by adding funds in excess of Your limit to Your Grid Account.

Automatic Payouts

5.10.   When You make a bet OTC using cash or through Your E-Wallet You can choose to have Your bet settled directly into Your Grid Account (Auto Payout). If You would like to use Auto Payout please login to Your Grid Account via The Grid app or and select this option or speak to a member of Our staff. Any bet that You make on a BetStation will always be settled via Auto Payout.

5.11.     If You have enabled Auto Payout and the following circumstances apply:

(a)        You have made a bet OTC;

(b)        that bet is due to be settled after Our shop has closed; and

(c)        the settlement figure is above, £49.99,

Your bet will be settled through Your Grid Account after a member of Our staff has checked it. If the bet was made on a BetStation the winnings will automatically be placed in Your Grid Account.

5.12.    We will need to validate any new payment methods (such as a new debit/credit card) that You would like to add to Your Grid Account. Similarly, if You add a new payment method to Your Multi-Channel Account or Verified Multi-Channel Account through Your Online Account, this may need to be validated by Us before You can access the funds on a FOBT or withdraw OTC. In order to complete this validation, for security purposes, You may be requested to provide Your bank card and/or suitable proof of ID such as a driving licence.

6.         Promotions

6.1.      From time to time We offer various promotional offers in respect of Grid Accounts.

6.2.      The terms of these promotional offers will be clearly stated for each individual promotion.

It is Your responsibility to ensure that these terms are read and fulfilled by You in order to qualify for the respective bonus, credit or prize and also to allow any subsequent redemption and/or withdrawal. These promotional terms are to be read in conjunction with the full Grid Account terms and conditions.

6.3       To qualify for any Grid promotion in our shops, you must present your Grid Card to counter staff at the time of bet placement.

7.         General

7.1.    These Terms are correct at time of print and are subject to change. We reserve the right to change these Terms and/or Our full Grid Account terms and conditions, either in respect of The Grid in general or individual customers, at any time.

If We do, We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that any significant changes to the Terms are notified to You by an appropriate method (for example, by email) before such changes are implemented.

Continued use of Your Grid Account following a change to any of the Terms will be deemed to be acceptance of any changes We may make.

7.2.       We reserve the right to close any Grid account at any time and for any reason.

7.3.       Only You are eligible to use Your Grid Account. Your Grid Account is not transferable and should not be used by any person other than You.

7.4.       You may only hold one Grid Account at any time.

7.5.     We, together with Our group companies, will use Your registration data and information for the purpose of setting up, re-activating, operating and managing Your Grid Account (and to do this We may share Your personal data with approved third parties). This will include verifying the accuracy of the information collected from You from time to time.

The information We collect from You will be used in accordance with Our full terms and conditions found at the top of these Terms.

7.6.        It is Your responsibility to notify Us of any changes to Your contact details including a change of name, address, email address or mobile number.

7.7.       Your death will result in the cancellation of Your Grid Account and all earned points will be forfeited.

7.8.       These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales whose courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes that arise as a result of them.