Antepost Football Season Handicap

When betting on a team to win the league with a handicap points total applied, this will take the handicaps for all teams into account.

For example, Say Liverpool won the league with 90 points, however Tottenham were the winning selection in the handicap betting market. This is because Liverpool had a handicap of +5pts, making their total for the season after the handicap was applied 95pts, whereas Tottenham finished the season with 76 points but had a handicap of 20 points, meaning that they ended the season with 96 points after the handicap was applied, making them the winner in this market.

Below is a breakdown of the totals in this example, which will further clarify the points that each selection finished on after the handicap was applied.

Note that the handicap is applied to ALL selections in the league, it's not just your selection with their handicap points added on, every team in the league has the handicap points added, and the team with the highest score once this has been applied is the winner. If a team has a SCR (Scratch) handicap, that means they have 0 pts added (this is usually the favourites).

If the league is ended prematurely (Not completed fully) all season handicap bets will be void.

Example Handicap Results:


Team Name
 Actual Points
 Start of season Handicap
Points with Handicap applied
Positiion after handicap
 Liverpool  90  +5  95  2nd
 Man City
 88  Scratch  88  3rd
 Chelsea  80  +2  82  4th
 Man Utd
 78  +1  79  5th
 76  +20  96  1st