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By using this site you agree to be bound by the terms of our site usage - software made available for downloading remains the exclusive property of LC International LTD and/or its group companies or our licensors and is made available on the site for the purpose of customers downloading the software and games for play on their machines with the presence of a live Internet connection.

Download will involve placing files and installation software on the hard drive of your PC. Convenient locations for storing the software are suggested during the download and installation procedure but it is the customer's responsibility to store the software in accordance with the exact nature and set-up of their individual PC. LC International LTD  and/or its group companies will not be held responsible for incorrect storage of the software in files/folders where it may interfere with the start up, running and third party software procedures of a customer's PC.

Software download is possible from the Ladbrokes Poker website .Software download is only authorised to those customers providing full, legitimate personal details as requested during registration to validate their use of the software. LC International LTD  and/or its group companies reserves the right to close accounts should any information provided, such as name, telephone number or e-mail address, prove to be incorrect or incomplete. LC International LTD  and/or its group companies reserves the right to close any account with immediate effect.

After Ladbrokes Poker has been installed, players have the option of playing poker with “play” money for evaluation and practice purposes or as a Real User if you would like to play for real money right away.

Wherever possible, Ladbrokes Poker endeavours to ensure the full protection of all its customers and their bets. However, there are certain events that are beyond control.

Should you become disconnected from Ladbrokes Poker (for whatever reason), Ladbrokes Poker cannot be held liable for any losses that may result there from. The balance of a customer's account will at all times be as is recorded on our server.

Generally the balance on the server when logging on to Ladbrokes Poker, after a line has been disconnected or become non-responsive, will reflect the true balance after completion of the last bet prior to the breakdown in communications.

We regret the imposition of the above, however it is necessary to avoid further complications.

By placing any further wagers with Ladbrokes Poker the player accepts the results of any previous wager. As such (at Ladbrokes Poker's discretion) the results of the previous wager are no longer in dispute and no refunds or other adjustments will be granted. If the player should feel the result of any of the Ladbrokes Poker games is unfair or incorrect the player should contact the Poker team immediately and report the incident.

All games are played strictly subject to the LC International LTD  and/or its group companies's terms and conditions. By playing at Ladbrokes Poker, the player is assenting to abide by these terms and conditions.


Full help information on download, installation, games, banking, and technical is available in the help area.

Terms and Conditions

All games are played subject to Ladbrokes Poker's standard terms and conditions. By connecting to Ladbrokes Poker you agree with the terms and conditions that are listed in the Poker software help files and displayed on our Website Terms and Conditions page.